The Andrzej Bączkowski "Dialog" Centre for Social Partnership

The "Dialog" Centre for Social Partnership has been established by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on 30th December 1994.  Since then, thanks to mediation and consulting, the Centre has helped to prevent, mitigate and solve social conflicts, and has supported social understanding institutions.

For the last 15 years it functioned as a budget institution. Pursuant to the regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy as of 1st December 2009 the "Dialog" was transformed into an organisational unit subject to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy and financed from the state budget.

The basic activity of the Centre is to create appropriate conditions for mediation and  consulting in preventing, mitigating and solving social conflicts, as well as to support social understanding institutions.

The Centre's tasks include, in particular, the realisation of the training, research and information, and publishing tasks, as well as other tasks, in aid of partnership and social dialogue, delegated by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, and including:

  1. education and improvement of social dialogue participants;
  2. consulting and preparation of expertises;
  3. performing research and analytical works in the field of collective employment relationships;
  4. promoting new solutions in the field of collective employment relationships and peaceable methods of shaping those relationships;
  5. conducting research, consulting and informative activities;
  6. organising and conducting training activities, as well as conferences and workshops, in particular for entrepreneurs;
  7. conducting publishing activities;
  8. cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions of similar nature.

The patron of the Centre for Social Partnership is Andrzej Bączkowski who in March 1991 started to work in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.  Until 1996 he was the vice-minister, and then became the minister. Before that period he was an activist of "Solidarność" and democratic opposition. Bączkowski was imprisoned in 1982. During his work in the ministry he among other things, negotiated a pact of state entrepreneurship, i.e. a social agreement with social partners which was supposed to define the method of transforming state entrepreneurships  and the rights and duties of employees during such process. He organised and was the chairman of the Tripartite Commission for Socio-Economic Issues.

In 1995 the newspaper office of "Nowe Życie Gospodarcze" awarded him the title of the best state officer. In February 1996 Andrzej Bączkowski became the Minister of Labour and Social Policy. He undertook one of the most difficult tasks: the reform of social insurance. He used to say: "The Polish reform must be as forward as possible, but within the limits of reality. We cannot just sit here waiting for a miracle because there will be no miracle. Poland deserves a reform which is, first and foremost, fair."

He died unexpectedly as a result of a heart attack on 7th November 1996, while performing the function of the Minister. He was posthumously decorated with the Cross of Officer of the Order of Polonia Restituta for his exceptional contribution to state and social service.

He is commemorated in the form of the Andrzej Bączkowski award for the best state officers. This award is granted for public activities above divisions to those who promote the ideas of public service, social dialogue and reforms in the field of social policy.

Every day the Centre hosts many meetings and sittings of problem teams within tripartite trade teams and the Tripartite Commission for Socio-Economic Issues, which is the pillar of social dialogue in Poland. There are also organised conferences, seminars and workshops animated by participants of social dialogue. The Centre makes available its premises to those participants and provides organisational and technical support.

The Centre develops activities aiming at promoting the idea of social and civil dialogue. In order to pursue those goals it publishes works on social policy, in particular, issues related to the labour market, collective employment relationships, and social partnership. 

Every month the Centre hosts a couple of conferences, seminars, and workshops. Apart from the meetings within tripartite trade teams and the The Social Dialogue Council (RDS), which is the pillar of social dialogue in Poland, our premises host trainings and conferences for business and science.

The Centre offers 6 air-conditioned conference rooms varying in size, which can seat from 10 to 100 people. Each room is equipped with modern sounding equipment, cabins for simultaneous interpretation, Wi-Fi, multimedia projectors, and computers. A professional technical support is provided as well. Additionally, it is possible to film the meetings. The Centre guarantees holding top-class trainings and conferences.

Our strengths:

  • prestige of a governmental institution
  • excellent localization
  • multiannual experience in:
    • organising and carrying out trainings, courses, seminars and conferences
    • cooperating with the best experts in the field of social, economic and legal sciences
    • partnership with employees' organisations, trade unions, governmental institutions, local governments, and non-governmental organisations (respecting the rule of "equal distance")
  • common appreciation and positive evaluation of services
  • competitive prices of services.

Our seat is conveniently located in a quiet green area of Warsaw, near the Trakt Królewski, between Belweder and Wilanów. The city centre is around 15 minutes' drive from our premises.




The A. Bączkowski "Dialog" Social Partnership Centre
Limanowskiego 23, 02-943 Warsaw

tel.: (+48) 22 380 50 50
fax: (+48) 22 380 50 52

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